How To Manage Multi-Generational Differences In The Workplace


For the first time in history, five generations will soon be working side by side: Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. While many of us believe that Millennials, often referred to as Gen Y, only recently entered the workplace, this is not true at all! Anno 2019 your oldest Gen Y team members or colleagues are about 38/39 years old! Moreover, the newest generation, Gen Z, is currently already invading the workplace.

Whereas managing this multi-generational workplace often proves to be challenging and stressful, you can also approach this contemporary issue as an opportunity and turn it into an enriching organizational experience. In large part this is up to you, the boss. How do you cope as a professional leader and company with those different generations and the challenges you are facing? We are very curious and eager to hear your thoughts! Beopledd offers customized solutions to deal with generational management in the workplace.

During a workshop we will, first of all, paint a picture regarding to what extent these five generations differ from each other focusing on several important work topics, such as dealing with feedback, how to motivate them, their communication & management styles, how they work in teams, their approach towards technology, and so on, Secondly, we will provide you with several tips and tricks on how to deal with these multi-generational differences is various situations. Ideally, we take a look at some real-life cases together. Finally, we can reflect together on how you can turn working with different generations into an enriching organizational experience and how to build bridges across the generational divisions so they can meet each other halfway.

Do you feel inspired and thrilled to plan a workshop after reading this article? Beopledd offers full and half days of workshops & training and can compose a full program according to your company’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact Raf Vanzeer, who will be happy to learn more about your specific needs!