Feedback is a gift

We see an evolution towards more self-leading teams and towards more frequent feedback moments throughout the year. Therefore, it becomes more than ever a must have for every employee and not just the team lead, to apply good feedback skills. Discover here how it can boost your employee’s motivation & performance.

Feedback is a gift. Of course, you would say that this is common sense. At Beopledd we say, however, that it is an art by itself. Why? It requires quite a set of communication skills: you need to deliver your message in an appropriate way. In addition, you should be able to turn the conversation into a constructive dialogue about your team member’s further development.  

First of all, preparation is key. It requires setting up the content of the conversation, but also awareness about the setting and timing. There is the feedback conversation itself, of course. Beopledd can provide you with a set of different techniques on how to give adequate feedback. You can practice and explore these models during role-plays. We will challenge you not only on the content (the ‘what’) of your messages, but also on the body language and intonation you use (the ‘how’).  

Active listening is another key element for a fruitful feedback discussion. How can you make sure that you and your team member are both on the same page? We will learn you how to better read between the lines by applying the five levels of active listening. Last but not least, there is the follow-up of the conversation. Here, we will teach you how to generate sustainable change and a feedback culture in the team. 

Do you feel thrilled to plan a workshop or training on giving constructive feedback? Then don’t hesitate to contact Daniela Kirschbauer, who will be happy to learn more about your specific needs.

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