The Power of Workplace & Culture - May Reading Discoveries

Nowadays the concepts “workplace” and “culture” are gaining importance. Although workplaces are increasingly improving, most of them, unfortunately, remain dull and uninspiring environments for employees. While the workplace itself is easier to adapt, company culture is a more abstract notion and refers rather to the psychological environment of an organization, in which people are feeling safe or not safe to trust. Where does your company stand when it comes to both topics and how can you make essential improvements? These two books lift the veil on workplace and culture.

  • Neil Usher (2018), The Elemental Workplace: The 12 elements for creating a fantastic workplace for everyone, LID Publishing, London (UK).

Are you feeling inspired to create a great place to work and are you looking for a practical handbook that will lead the way? Then we can recommend you “The elemental workplace”. This book helps you to design the space that is right for your people and company, while skipping the corporate bullshit and buzzwords. “The elemental workplace” is no business book and does not display any case studies, interviews or research reports. It, however, introduces the concept of a fantastic workplace as a simple, bite-sized readable and easily digestible concept. Neil Usher explains us that creating a fantastic workplace for everyone does not need to be complicated, even there where money is scarce, where people have little time or conflicting interests. The secret lies in focusing on the twelve elements that are common to all successful workplaces. In “The elemental workplace” Usher defines why they matter and how you can get them right.

  • Chris Dyer (2018), The Power of Company Culture. How any business can build a culture that improves productivity, performance and profits, Kogan Page, London (UK).

Culture is the bedrock of business success. In “The power of company culture” Dyer shows you how you can spot tears in your company culture before they unravel beyond repair. He helps to evaluate where you are standing now and how to plan a cultural make-over step by step. Dyer offers seven pillars of effective workplace culture, which collectively provide a model for success, and can be used as a practical checklist to customize your approach and make your priorities for adapting your company culture. For each of these pillars the author explains what is at stake and what the payoff will be if you get them right. Finally, “The power of company culture” is full of proactive ways to put your own culture program together and get it off the ground, laying and improving the foundations of your business success.

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