Reinforce your management team with an adventurous “Deep Dive” abroad!


At Beopledd we do not believe in the well-trodden paths of the traditional team buildings in the Belgian Ardennes or at the Flemish coast. Leave the day-to-day operational company concerns behind you and join forces as a team while going out of your comfort-zone into nature and face new adventures.

Get to know each other genuinely and grow as a group by gathering new, inspiring, "out of the box" experiences together. Two experienced Beopledd consultants joined an executive committee on their teambuilding in Iceland a while ago. They ensured that everything went smoothly and facilitated the "deep dive" days.




To get your managements team’s noses in the same direction, to determine your strategy for the coming years, to let the team and individuals grow, but also to get to know each other better and to appreciate each other, we can propose you our " deep dive ". The purpose is to disconnect your team from the day-to-day operational concerns under the guidance of two experienced Beopledd consultants. For example, we recently went to Iceland with a management team to strengthen the group spirit and to draw out their company’s future strategy.




With a "deep dive", Beopledd consciously chooses not to walk the paths of the classic team buildings in the Ardennes or at our Belgian coast. We want to let your team grow and challenge you, and that goes beyond having the typical mainstream team-buildings. It is much more valuable to let your team as a group enjoy experiences together, leaving a profound impression and inspiring you to talk about it even months later.

Being able to experience the beauty of nature together as a team can be an excellent gateway for this. That’s why Beopledd accompanied a management team in Iceland where they went whale spotting and climbed a glacier. However, other scripts are available across Europe: Bedouin desert camps, Kilt adventures in Scottish Highlands etc.




Your day might look like this: during the morning we usually work together on the tailor-made themes that your management team wants to tackle during this multi-day journey. In the afternoon we then go into nature to further explore the conversation topics of the morning or to work on team development. In order to de-connect at least half a day and to park the daily distractions and annoying worries, we always collect all smartphones and tablets at the beginning of the day. In the evening, after dinner, it is the perfect time to discuss the impressions of the day or to share a story about yourself with the group.

We deliberately choose original sleeping and meeting locations and stay far away from the "fancy" hotels. It is also nice to keep the location for your team a secret until the last moment so that the curiosity and sense of adventure is stimulated to the maximum. Two experienced Beopledd consultants ensure that everything runs smoothly and facilitate the "deep dive" days.

Want to set-up a connecting management off-site experience with your leadership team off the beaten track? Then contact Filip Braeckevelt to start your exploration.

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