Unlock the potential of your people while mastering basic coaching skills

The biggest myth around coaching is that it’s only applicable in a number of specific situations. On the contrary, any moment can be a coaching moment! Whereas coaching often consists of a full trajectory, most coaching occasions appear rather “ad hoc” or “on the spot”. Consequently, every individual frequently comes across possible coaching situations, where potential can be unlocked.

Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his or her own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them. This is the main difference between coaching and other forms of helping, such as mentoring and advising.

The basic coaching conditions are a context of safety & trust, a connection between the coach and his or her coachee, and finally free will of the individual to be coached. Only when these 3 essential conditions are met, coaching can take place. In addition, every coach needs to skill some basic techniques, in order to be efficient.

There are 5 hardcore coaching competences every coach should master: the coach should work from the coachee’s model of the world (turning off his own head), he should have an open attitude, needs to the point observation & active listening skills, and finally requires mastering of several questioning techniques. This also means that any coach should master some basic mindfulness techniques, such as focus, open awareness and self-consciousness.

Finally, every coach works according a specific coaching model, which can be based on feedback techniques, speed coaching or other typical coaching models such as the GROW method. Specifically, the speed coaching model proofs to be very useful and efficient for ad hoc and on the spot coaching, which is typically done at the company’s coffee machine during (lunch) breaks.

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