The Value of Engaged Employees


In today’s constantly changing world, it is no longer enough for an organization to have merely satisfied or happy employees. Your personnel also needs to be engaged. In other words, they should also feel committed, involved and proud to work for their company.

These days organizations are focusing more and more on employee engagement. But what makes it such a crucial topic? Research has shown that employee engagement has a positive impact on company performance: Organizations with committed employees display an increased productivity and higher employee & customer loyalty. People feel proud about working there and enjoy talking about this experience with others, stimulating your company brand.

If you want to improve your overall performance as a company, measuring employee engagement is thus essential. But what are the KPI’s to keep in mind when measuring and how do you start doing this? The key is to ask questions that both matter to employee engagement as to your organization’s performance. Everything evolves around four types of inquiries: Your employee’s basic needs (what do they get), their contribution and other people’s perceptions about it (what do I give), their fit within the company (do I belong here) and finally their learning, growing and innovation potential (how can we all grow together). 

As expert in HR consulting, Beopledd has created its own tool in order to help your organization measure its employee engagement. However, we do not merely measure engagement and analyze results. We go a step further by sitting down with you to create an action plan with concrete improvement measures, leading to increased company performance on a sustainable level.

Are you interested in how your organization is doing in terms of employee engagement? Then contact Raf Vanzeer, who will be happy to learn more about your specific needs!

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