Divisional Support

offers divisional support in ‘Recruitment and Staffing’, ‘Learning and Development’ and ‘Corporate Communications’. You can also call us for immediate ‘hands on’ assistance, as well as for ‘intelligence insourcing’. For our ‘Recruitment and Staffing’ clients we provide project management and roll-out support for ‘graduate recruitment programs’. Feel free to contact Raf Vanzeer for further information.

Hands on support

provides immediate support during peaks in ‘R&S’, ‘L&D’ or ‘CC’ workloads. Our consultants easily blend in to your departmental workflows and they make sure to keep eventual bottlenecks jam-free.

Intelligence insourcing

In this formula, manages, runs and empowers one or many operations in your name, under your brand. This solution offers you the power of proximity with extended access to external ‘R&S’, ‘L&D’ and ‘CC’ expertise. Our approach builds on present strengths, co-creates with you the ideal operational setting and offers tailored transformation and implementation, involving all required stakeholders.

Graduate recruitment programs

provides full project management and implementation services for ‘graduate recruitment programs’. They range from ‘on campus’ announcements and intakes to ‘on site’ assessment and hiring support. During these recruitment days we make sure every candidate gets the best flavor of your (employer) brand. All our assessments come with solid feedback reports for all candidates.

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