Join our open Development Programs!

In our open Development Programs we strive for personal growth and satisfaction for all participants. Although these are open programs, we will always adapt them towards the specific needs of the participants. That’s why we perform intake conversations with all participants to be sure these programs will meet their specific needs. Our ‘state of the art’ development programs emphasise experience based learning, and all presented theoretical models and theories are translated towards their daily, practical usefulness. In a local or global setting.

Boost your Self-Leadership!

’s ‘Boost your Self-Leadership’ development program is an indispensable precondition (or an essential complement) to all existing advanced leadership programs. It focuses on boosting your personal leadership through self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-direction. This program is aimed at anyone who wishes to consolidate and strengthen their personal foundation before moving towards greater responsibilities. It’s also an excellent program to prepare young leaders for the next step. Feel free to contact Pascale Gorris (DU/ENG/FR) or Trina Roach (GE/ENG) for further information.

Become your own ‘Game Changer’ (Master Class)

This master class will show you how to become a ‘game changer’ in your own organisation. Regardless of your background, we invite you to brainstorm dialogue techniques and will take you through good practices on change, leadership, innovation, personal impact, business partnership, team development, collaboration and organisational systems. We will show you how to pick up new organisational dimensions quickly, how to relate them to your own field of expertise, and from there start to create your own game plan. This course will help you create - with others – your own ‘Tomorrowland’ in the workplace. Feel free to contact Raf Vanzeer for further information.

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