A new timeframe… with opportunities.

We live in a curious timeframe. One that is starting to intensify and becoming a reality. Or, it’s perhaps better to say that we start to gradually see and accept the new timeframe we have entered. Whenever timeframes have changed through history, there has been tension, but also opportunities. It’s not different this time. What the tension is concerned, you can read all about it in all media channels. And it’s all around us.

But there are also opportunities that come with the timeframe, for example in the field of Learning & Development. In that field, we witness the best of times…

We all know the term ‘VUCA’ by now. It still stands for ‘Volatile’, ‘Uncertain’, ‘Complex’ and ‘Ambiguous’. However, we came across another definition about a year ago. One where VUCA stands for Vibrant, Unreal, Crazy and Astounding. It is the VUCA definition Peter Fisk uses. And guess what: for what Learning & Development is concerned… he’s absolutely right.

Here at beopledd we have been exploring this area for the last couple of years and we have seen a wonderful new world of opportunities open up. We would like to thank our clients for joining us in these new explorations. Innovation happens in dialogue and therefore clients are a real partner in that journey. So we would like to thank you all.

We also see a number of key drivers coming into place, e.g. action, faster learning, innovation and impact. These key drivers come to live during experience programs and can be supported via technology enablers. And a lot of new players are entering this digital learning space, like Avado who’s certainly one to follow.

If you want to know more about the Vibrant, Unreal, Crazy and Astounding times of Learning & Development, please contact Pascale Gorris. She will be eager to share what we have learned so far and what we will continue to explore.

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